Easy Diy Paper Butterflies

Create beautiful butterfly decorations using paper. They are very easy and inexpensive way to give your  room  a new look by investing very little time. Look at the following examples we have for you:

With a cutter of good edge and cardboard or card of neutral color you can make this cute butterfly to use as decoration of a gift.

You can use the butterflies to create beautiful table centers like this. Simply glue them to dry branches placed on a base.

Make this nice candle screen using a glass container and a simple white sheet of paper in common use. Cut the outline of the butterflies leaving only the center to open the wings and allow light to pass. As an extra touch you can add a pair of butterflies suspended by a wire.

Make a butterfly using two squares of paper . Start to fold as the image indicates starting from a corner. Put the two pieces together in the center with the help of a pipe cleaner or thin wire. Finally carefully open the wings.

Create a beautiful mobile of butterflies using paper and pastel colored pompoms. Hang using pieces of wool or coarse thread and tie to a branch that you can leave to the natural or paint it.

 Obsequious butterflies as a detail of Valentine. Cut the figure into red cardboard and make a couple of cuts in the center to insert a candy trowel, a pencil or a pen.

This greeting card draws attention for its simplicity. You can do it decorating to your liking a butterfly of paper or cardboard and paste it by the center to a card with a small message written with thin marker.

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