How To Make Giant Paper Pompoms

These beautiful paper pompoms are fashionable and can often be seen hung at parties and events. They are made with tissue paper (china paper or tissue paper) and are very simple to do, it only takes a little patience. Look at the step by step:

 Vía: Martha Stewart

The materials you will need are: sheets of tissue paper (china paper), yarn, wool, or cleaners for tying and scissors. Depending on how fluffy (and your budget) you will need 10 to 20 sheets of paper all of the same size. That is your choice, but the more sheets or layers of paper have the pompom, the more colorful and spongy it will look. You should put all the sheets together and fold them into an accordion. Tie the center with the thread and cut the edges round or spike.

It begins by opening layer by layer of paper, extending it to form the flower.
Remember that you can make your pompoms the size you choose, as well as combining the colors you want, placing different colors of leaves

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Vía: Tara Dennis

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