Ideas to Recycle Plastic Milk Containers

Plastic containers of juice or milk can be reused in countless ways. Because of their large size they are perfect for organizing or store things such as toys and even as lamps. Takes note of these amazing ideas!

Shoe Holder

This shoe Holder allow you to save space when storing


To make a lamp, a container filled with a series of light. Remember to use series of LED lights because they do not overheat and otherwise you could melt plastic.


Make small baskets by simply cutting the shape with scissors.

Toys Houses

These types of containers are sized to turn them into  toys houses. Just open windows and doors using scissors good edge

Bird House 

Walking through large windows and side to side sticks or wooden sticks to convert a package in a birdhouse.


Converts a container in a rabbit

Item Container

Cut the base of the container and use it to store all kinds of items