Perfect Eye Makeup Tutorials For This Fall

Perfect Smokey Eyes For Blue Eyes

This tutorial can be used many people as gold is one color that goes with almost any eye ball shade. Cover up your eye with a base color and above it this glittery gold one. Use a shade of bronze on the outer edges and to make the d- shape. Accentuate the beauty with the kohl and a heavy curling mascara. Always remember to make your eye brows.

Black and Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial 

This full on black/dark eye tutorial is best for the Gothic culture inspired people. Start with the inclined line at the outer edge and move inwards making a nice curve. Fill it up with the black shade and cover the lower lid with same shade as well. If you cannot draw the outer line use a spoon to do it.

Green Smokey Eye Makeup

 Pink Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial with Black Liners and Long Lashes 

 Simple and cute smokey eye Tutorial