8 Trends You Need To Know For This Fall

Swap Outer Layers

If you, like many of us, have a jacket for weekends/casual outings and a tailored overcoat for work, try inverting the game. As for your great-fitting overcoat, it shouldn’t retire, let it drape casually over your t-shirt and jeans while off-duty.your inner and outer layers will bring new energy to your winter outings.

Skilfully Embrace Your Sloppy Staples

There’s a worldwide fashion movement which, to put into one sentence. This means pieces such as sweatpants, hoodies/sweatshirts, light wash ‘dad’ jeans, old t-shirts and other very casual items are more than welcome in your autumn attire. However, don’t take this trend too literally. You’ll be better off incorporating a few select garments into your look, offsetting them with more considered, refined pieces.

 Loosen Up On The Accessory Front

Your heavy framed briefcase in vegetable-tanned leather may be your pride and joy, and will always be there for you, finishing off your most dapper looks.

Look at the most formal items in your wardrobe and pick one to completely turn your back on, replacing it with the most relaxed, nonchalant substitute you can get away with.

Look At Misunderstood Materials With Different Eyes

 It has become acceptable to finish off your smartest looks with synthetic fleece, acrylic wool and other man-made materials, all for the sake of combating the snobbery of quality.

Good news, since it means you won’t have to spend as much to refresh your cold-weather wardrobe this year. On the other hand, staying true to quality staples should be a non-negotiable habit. Start slow, maybe with a  worn with your jeans.