1 lower back sections


2 lower side sections (same on each side)



4 top sections (front, sides and crown)


Beginning on the back sections, create a 45-degree section and then a W-shaped subsection from underneath. Apply Formula A with a V-shaped balayage application.

Formula A: Wella Blondor Multi Powder + 9% Welloxon
Formula B: Wella Blondor Multi Powder + 6% Welloxon
Formula C: Wella Koleston Perfect Special Blonde 12/3 + 12% Welloxon
Formula D: Wella Koleston Perfect equal parts 8/2 + 7/17 + 99/0 + 6% Welloxon

Complete the balayage V-application on each section by sweeping color from two sides, outward from the regrowth and joined at the ends.
Use the back of a gloved hand or a color board to pull each section out as the color is swept on. Allow each section to fall after application.
Continue working until both back sections are complete.
Carefully comb through all sections with a wide-tooth comb in a single downward motion. Repeat the balayage V-application and comb through the two side sections to complete the lower part of the head.
Alternate Formula B and Formula C in foil sections in the front and crown sections.
Protect the lower part of the head with a meche and apply Formula D to the entire top section of the head (two remaining top side sections and in-between all foils).
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