Decorating With Balloons For A Children's Party

Decorating with balloons a party for children is really easy, you do not need to be an expert to achieve the figures you want, just use some paper and tape. Look at these ideas:

Some useful tips: 
--- Give any shape you want to a balloon using colored paper. Cut it to make ears, mouths, noses (in the case of animals) and fruits with leaves (in the case of fruits). To glue you can use adhesive pencil or tape.
--- The indelible markers (sharpie) are very useful for drawing details in a balloon.
--- To fill a balloon with confetti, place a funnel in the mouthpiece and empty a little.
--- The octopus and the spider are made with simple strips of crepe paper. Tape them to the ceiling or wall using tape on the back of the strips so it is not visible

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