Fitting Aspects To Be considered While Buying Shirts

The fitting of your dress shirt is much more complicated aspect than just a muffin top. The issue could be originated around your shoulders, chest, abs or even sleeve. Here are the fitting aspects to be considered:

  • The shoulder fit is where all the action begins. It is the most ignored fitting of the dress shirt amongst men.

  •  The sleeve is what follows. The fitting of the sleeve is a very interesting concept. There is a simple rule to the sleeve fit which is, if its too tight it will crumple around your elbow joint and if it is too lose it will make your elbows look like a bloated balloon. 

  •  The sleeve end or the sleeve cuffs are yet another ignored aspect of the dress shirt. Your sleeve cuff will be well fitted and clasp your wrist perfectly with just enough space for comfortable wrist movement

  • The torso fit is recognized by focusing on the tension or lack thereof around the button region. This is the most common mistake men make. The buttons are shut too tight or this segment is too lose. In case it’s too tight, it just makes you look fat and if it’s too loose it give you the ugly muffin top.

  •  The length of the shirt is yet another factor that affects the overall fitting. The shirt should be long enough to tuck it in comfortably and ensure that it does not start falling out in the middle of the day. The length should be long enough to cross your zip region and stay comfortably tucked in.

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