Beautiful Hand Made Valentines Gifts

Take note of these easy and inexpensive ideas to have a special detail with friends and family on this day of love and friendship without investing much money.

Make jute or burlap bags and decorate them with a heart stencil and white or red acrylic paint.

Reuse the glass jars to deliver your Valentine's gifts. Cut a heart into sticky paper, stick it in the center and apply acrylic paint to the entire surface of the jar.  Dry it and remove the adhesive to create a gap or window. Then just fill with candy or goodies.

Make a small gift using plain or stamped cardboard flowers of different sizes. Glue a chocolate wrap in the center. Stick a plastic wand or wood behind. You can put several flowers in a vase or bottle.

Make a cushion with pockets to create a Valentine's calendar. If you do not know how to sew, You can use glue with hot silicone.

Make felt envelopes to deliver your Valentine gifts. Put a piece of heart to close it. No need to sew, can be attached using a hot silicone gun.

Cut two heart shapes into felt and seams (or stick them with silicone) leaving the top open. Tie a ribbon and place small gifts inside. Another variant is to cut a full heart and sew half of another heart over the first to create a kind of pocket.

Make these little frames with cardboard and use them to write sentences or a perfect affectionate message for Valentine's Day.

Cut circles of paper or cardboard and cut a spiral inside. Roll it from the outside inwards and fix with a drop of white glue to keep the shape. Stick on wands or wooden sticks and go!