Steps For Upgrading Your Style

Without an expendable budget that somehow replenishes when needed, upgrading your style is damn hard work. You can’t always get what you want, and you don’t always want what you have. It’s the main deficiency of being young and having champagne tastes on a tap water budget. But there are ways to get around this conundrum without compromising your wallet or your swag.

Believe in what you're wearing

You can be wearing the coolest, most expensive, if you don’t have an air of swag, confidence, or panache about you, then it can all fall terribly short.

Items with multi-seasonal versatility

Multi-season items that actually serve their purpose are pretty hard to find. Especially if you live in an area where the change in weather is so drastic. When shopping for new items, stop and think, “Will I be able to wear this in *neighboring/opposite weather season* or nah?” If the answer is no, then you may need to re-think things.

Learn to dress for the occasion

Part of being stylish is knowing what to wear in certain situations. You don’t wear a T-shirt to a wedding, but you don’t wear a suit to a basketball game. That’s not to say that you have to dress like all the other lames in your school, but being able to dress for the situation with a heightened sense of swag is what will set you apart.

Be The Best Dressed Man In The Room

Have the courage to look like the man you know yourself to be.

Set A Time Frame For Shopping Decisions

You can transform your style in just 30 days.Create a sense of urgency.Taking time to choose is the biggest enemy of action.Given the wide array of styles, fits, philosophies on fashion, men are pulled in multiple different directions.

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