Easy Five Minutes hair Tutorials

Big High Ponytail


Start with the clean and the dry hairs and if you are not carrying the dry hairs then get some dry hair texture hair spray on the hairs. Best will be if you are carrying the day old hairs for the hair style.
Comb the hairs thoroughly and clear out the knots from the hairs and then grab the section of the hairs from the forehead and back comb this front section to fluff the hairs i.e. to create the volume of the hairs.Brush the hairs with the wide bristle brush and then tie up the hairs with the hair elastic into the ponytail.Part the pony hairs into two parts and start creating the volume into the pony hairs as shown in the picture. Brush up the pony hairs thoroughly and then add some hair spray to the hairs and you are done here

Elegant Bun Wrap


Divide the hair into two sections from the top of the ears towards the back of the head. Create a ponytail with the top portion of hair using an elastic band. Take a donut bun and slide the ponytail through the center. Wrap the hair over the donut bun, then slide a clear elastic band over the top to create a bun. With the hair that sticks out from the donut, divide it into two sections and twist them downwards creating two twists. Wrap the twists around the bun in opposite directions.Pin down the ends with hair pins to secure. Divide the remaining hair that was left out of the bun into two sections.
Take the left section and wrap it upwards towards the right side, then around the top of the bun in a counter-clockwise motion.Pin down the end to hold it in place.Take the remaining right section and wrap it around the left side of the bun.  Secure the end in place.

Ballerina Bun Up-do 


Start with the clean and dry hairs or you can prefer a day old hairs because the style will suit very good on the hairs. Now section two pieces of your hairs from the front of your head and tug the rest of your hairs into a high ponytail and secure the ponytail with the elastic band. Pull a ½ inch piece of hair from the front slide and split into two sections, the same way pull ¼ sections of hairs from the ponytail and start braiding with the other two pieces of the hairs. Continue braiding with the hairs that you are capable to use almost all the ponytail hairs. And the hairs braiding will go round the way to your head.Once your braiding is done then wrap the around the crown area into a bun and you are ready with your hairstyle by securing the bun with the bobby pins. For the final step secure the bun with the good quality hair spray.

Runway-Ready Low Ponytail 


Begin by brushing and straightening your hair and then divide your hair into three section, two on the sides on the one on the back. Tie the back section into a low ponytail using an elastic band and then get the side sections and criss-cross them on top of the elastic bands. Secure them underneath the ponytail using bobby pins and you are done!

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