Five easy Five Minute Hair Tutorials


Finally, I got the courage to give my straightener a try. I’ve never been able to curl my hair with a straightener, but for some reason, it’s much easier with short hair. What helped was changing my thought process. Rather than using the flat iron to create ringlets, I started using it to add one simple wave to each piece of hair. So instead of having to twist the flat iron all the way around like I would a curling iron, I simply twisted it once to create a quick wave. And it worked! So obviously, I need to show you how to do this yourself!


Online hair tutorials can be daunting, for sure. Rarely can these how to’s be mastered by someone with little to no hair skills. If your one of those people who don’t have that natural beauty school brain.

Easy Chignons Tutorials 


This hairstyle is a Dutch braid, also known as a reverse braid or inside-out braid. It’s actually a very simple style, the trick is just starting in an inconspicuous place and keeping it high and round.

Side Messy Bun

This hair tutorial is an edgy, Dutch braid ponytail, suitable for medium and long hair lengths.   You can do this 5-minute Mohawk braid  for school, work, or even to a party.