5 Best Shimmering Eye Makeup Tutorials

Glittering Makeup Tutorial


People have different personalities. I know it’s hard for a conservative girl to try the wild makeup looks. So, if you just prefer a simple and understated style, you must love this simple yet stylish eye makeup.

Elegant Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Ash purple smoky eye makeup is great as a night makeup look. This elegant makeup will be a wonderful choice for all women.

Faddish Glitter Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial 

This idea and apply some golden glitters to the lowered eyelid. Then, you can get such a faddish New Year makeup look.

Golden Eye Makeup Idea

The golden shimmer eyes and the voluminous curly lashes make your eyes as beautiful as a doll. All young women will look quite fetching with such a pretty Barbie Doll makeup look.

Fuchsia Eye Makeup 

Fuchsia is quite pretty for women. Besides, the thick black eye liners and the long curly lashes work together to make your eyes look large.