Tribal Nail Art tutoral for Fall

Autumn colors are everywhere now. some of best nail polishes for the season are dark reds and browns. Follow these steps to create this perfect brown  look for yourself, and get ready to enjoy the season before winter hits!

1. Paint your nails with your deep red base coat.

2. Using a striping brush and white nail polish or acrylic paint, thinly paint two lines across your nails. You can change where you place the two lines from one nail to another, or you can keep them in the same position.

3. Draw triangles by painting a zigzag shape between the lines.

4. Fill in the triangles with your choice in colors, and then touch up any white that may need a redo. To make sure it's precise, use a nail art detailing brush. You may want to have more than one line of pattern on your nails, but I liked the simplicity of just one pattern.

5. Using the tip of your brush or a dotting tool, paint dots along one edge of your pattern. Finish off with a topcoat  to seal in your design and make your nail art last.

Source | onenailtorulethemall