There’s a Reason Why Every Outfit Looks Better With Heels

The best way to elevate an ensemble has always been quite literal: Add a heel. A stashed pair of stilettos underneath an office desk can be the key to taking your attire from cubicle ready to revved up for date night, while a mere matter of additional inches can create the illusion of miles of endless legs. Summer style is no different.

The heel is still your secret weapon to adding a dash of sex appeal to any look. Whether as a spindly slingback or a chunky clog, an open-toe daytime heel has the power to transform any amalgamation of hot-weather attire, whether it instantly removes the dowdy nature of a shapeless bohemian frock or simply dresses up a pair of jeans.

 And for evening dressing, luxurious colors and fabrics—supple satin uppers, shades of fire-engine red, or extra bedazzlement—go the extra mile. And don’t shirk the summer boot, either. Keep those pieces in cheerful hues, like sky blue or a clear layer of PVC. As for those who prefer the more outré heel, don’t fear standouts like a hot pink platform or even a funky zebra-pattern pump—tail included.

Whatever you choose, your summer look will have already reached great heights by the time you step out the door.

Source | vogue