8 Projects With Plastic Bottles

 Make a fun-filled bags or purses 

Joining the bases of the bottles with zipper Paint inside using spray paint in your favorite color and stick with hot glue closing the zipper or both piece. Finally decorate with felt and paste in the same way.

 Pens Holder

 Use the base of the bottle and cut decorations, sticking with hot glue.

Create flowerpots

Create flowerpots fun cutting the bases of the bottles and decorate to your taste with spray paint or a mixture of acrylic paint and white glue evenly to give greater attachment to plastic.

Bottles and larger containers

Bottles and larger containers can be used as accessory organizers or school supplies. You just have to make a large hole in the center and garnish to taste.

Create this mobile fun cutting the top of the bottle and tying wire as thin fishing line or hemp entire circumference. Place small decorative objects in the threads.

Plastic horses

Make some fun plastic horses simply turning the bottle, inserting a wooden stick in the neck of the bottle and decorate with Formic.


Cut the base of a small bottle as shown in the second image. Fold the sides out and staple them or sew them to keep them in place. Cut the pieces of the first image double fabric, sewn and stuffed with cotton or cotton wadding and finally paste instead.

Make a fun airplane using a bottle as a base. 

Cut the cardboard wings and attach them with tape. Then applied several layers of paper mache to firm the toy. Let dry and decorate to taste.