5 Easy Updo Hairstyles Tutorials Done in 5 Minutes

Inside out Ponytail

Simple and very chic this hairstyle will definitely become your favorite one. Put your hair up into a ponytail and tuck the bottom portion in the part of the elastic in order to create the upside down effect. On the next step pull it up and secure with bobby pins. For a finish touch you can leave some small strands hanging and rock a perfect hairstyle!

 Ballerina Bun

One of the classiest hairstyles, perfect for an elegant look! To make this easy updo you have to pull up your hair into a high ponytail on the first step then brush well your ponytail until your strands get really smooth. Now grab the base of your ponytail with your left hand and use your right hand to pull the ponytail around and make a loop. On the next step make a loose knot by pulling the end of the ponytail through the part of the hair that’s in your right hand. Once you’ve done that fold all the loose ends of the ponytail around the knot to make a bun. For a finish touch secure them with bobby pins and use a hairspray as well.

Twist Around Side Braid

Looking for a fab hairstyle? Stick with this easy-to-do twisted around braid and create a prefect look in couple minutes! To get it done follow these easy steps: make a side ponytail and divide it into two parts. Now pull them through the opening space and create an upside down ponytail. Repeat the process of creating upside down ponytails until you’re done. Enjoy the results.

Easy Chic Up-do

This easy-to-do updo creates a stunning chic look and makes everyone doubt that you’ve done it all by yourself! To achieve this look you need to make a loose with the bottom section of your hair and use bobby pins to secure it. Now grab the top portion of your hair and make an upside down ponytail as well. Now use more bobby pins to secure this bun too. This is one of the easiest up-dos and creates a gorgeous look only in 3 minutes!

Low Chignon

Pull your hair up and create a half up and pin it up. Tease the bottom part of your hair for more volume and create a ponytail pulling it under into a tuck bun. You can loosely pull the bun to add a bit of messy texture. What you have to do next is to take the top half of your hair which is pinned up and pull the right side around the left side of the low bun. Do the same with the left side but this time pull it around the right side and use pins to secure it.