5 Hairstyles Tutorials For Well Combed Back

1:The bun set with a blindfold

 2:The bun top braided base

This hairstyle extremely popular with people seems to be a pain to achieve. Yet , no. Just all the same to master a skill : the African braid, for the base. It is not given to everyone , but with practice , or a good friend , it is possible.
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3:Retro bun

Fancy a chic and elegant hairstyle in the retro spirit ? Here's how to make a bun, very 60's in minutes.
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4:The dual braids bun

This hairstyle looks extremely complicated to achieve. But when the technique is known , we think that ultimately , everyone can do it. It was enough to have the right idea.

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5:The bun banana with chopsticks

For fans of strict hairstyles and Asian food , here's how to perform the mythical banana bun with chopsticks. Original, but effective.
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